Aims and Scope

MicroNanoBioAspects (MNBA) was launched in 2022 as an international, semiannual (online and in print2 Issues per year), peer-reviewed, and open-access journal dedicated to the various disciplines of biotechnology in the micro and nano scales. This journal accepts papers in all aspects of the micro and nano biotechnology specifically micro and nanofabrication, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, medical biotechnology, biosecurity, biosafety, organic and inorganic materials, molecular engineering, regenerative medicine (stem cells and tissue engineering), synthesis of micro and nanomaterials, new contrast and therapeutic agents, diagnostic devices, analytical tools, drug delivery vectors, and bioinformatics (molecular dynamics simulations and molecular docking). MNBA publishes primary articles (original/research articles, case reports, and technical notes), secondary articles (narrative review, systematic review, book review, and mini-review), and special articles (short communications, editorials, letters to the editor, correspondences, pictorial essays, and commentaries). All published articles in this journal are freely available for readers online at without a subscription and authors can retain the copyright of their study. All submitted manuscripts are checked for plagiarism and duplicate publications through a trustworthy software named iThenticate to be assured about their originality followed by rigorously peer-reviewed by international reviewers.


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